Reliable Partnership

The aim of the audit is complex review of IT environment, paying attention to data processing and company procedures. The outcome of the audit allows to define the areas requiring changes. Our specialists carry out the audit in a friendly and noninvasive manner, and the performed tasks are contractually confidential.

Analysis of the structure of the IT network

Appraisal of

  • active network elements (switches, routers, Wi-Fi bridges, etc.)
  • Internet access connections (type, bandwidth, quality)
  • connections with the Customer's farcicalities

Analysis of the operating IT server systems

Appraisal of

  • technical condition of the applied server systems and software
  • the implemented backup systems
  • network resources sharing
  • resources access control
  • anti-virus and anti-spam protection
  • connection of the existing systems
  • user authority management in the existing systems
  • Security policy and user passwords

Analysis of the operating desktop systems

  • technical condition of the desktops, including the installed software
  • anti-virus and anti-spam protection

Analysis of IT systems compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act

  • analysis of the prevailing personal data processing documentation, and its accordance with the Data Protection Act with amendments
  • analysis of the prevailing personal data processing procedures
  • analysis of the prevailing contracts with regard to their compliance with Personal Data Protection Act
  • analysis of physical security of the data processing system

Audit results

After the audit, the Customer receives a written report presenting the results. We are fully neutral and professional.

  • Presentation of problems and threats in the above areas.
  • Proposal of increasing data safety and security.
  • Creating a construct of modernization/implementation/of network services.
  • Increasing network safety and reliability.
  • Modernization /quality improvement of the provided services.
  • Presentation of short and long term IT operation scenarios.

We know your needs

We have been rendering services for manufacturing companies, public administration units and healthcare institutions for many years, therefore we are aware of their specific needs and functioning mechanisms. We can perform a professional IT environment audit and recommend methods of correcting thediscovered irregularities.



Although our employees are IT experts, we are well aware of the fact that our Customers and their IT staff know best their enterprise IT environments. Keeping that in mind, we would like to be a reliable partner to our Customers. After a detail analysis of enterprise IT resources, our experts, together with Customer IT staff members consider how to improve their IT corporate perfmormance.