Green Data Center Policy

The most advanced technologies implemented in our Data Processing Center make COIG S.A. an ecological company, which while striving for perfection does not forget about responsibility for the environment we live in.

Because of the large number of processors and disks that require cooling, traditional data processing centers consume comparative amount of power for cooling devices, as for supplying them with power. Implementation of Green Data Center solutions is in accordance with power and climate policy of the European Union, as it is connected with reduction of negative environmental consequences caused by high power consumption and production of large amount of carbon dioxide.

Green Data Center technologies applied in our Data Processing Center bring mainly financial savings, as they reduce to the maximum the consumption of electrical power. Due to installation of a cooling system using natural conditions (air temperature) and ice water, they are also environmentally friendly.


The best strategy for rationalizing power consumption is appropriate software. The most popular tool in this area, are IT solutions applied for consolidation and virtualization of servers.


Equipment solutions come second in the category of technologies reducing power consumption in data centers. Our Data Center represents advanced, energy-efficient equipment, built of energy efficient processors.