Our service portfolio is rendered from our own, safe Data Center located at the premises of COIG S.A.

Physical Safety

The Data Center is located in a separate part of our building, protected by an alarm system and a CCTV, and supervised by professional protection service company.

Access to the facilities is granted only to authorized staff, with a register of entries and exits in an electronic access control system, and with application of magnetic cards and PIN codes.

Air-conditioning and Fire Protection Systems

COIG S.A. Data Center is equipped with fire extinguishing devices, extinguishing with neutral gas, separate for each server room (FM-200)l, walls and doors guarantee at least 60-minute fire resistance and the microclimate in the rooms in controlled by double, precise air-conditioners and fume exhaust system.

Energy Safety

Power to the center is supplied from two independent, external sources. We also have standby electric power generators. COIG S.A. Data Center is equipped with a system of automatic standby trigger. It monitors power supply parameters, switching between in case of power failures. The continuity of operation of IT equipment is also secured by sets of UPSs, working in an n+1 mode.

System Safety

  • at least two power supply units (four in case of Blade Center system) in all critical servers;
  • connection to two independent power supply circuits;
  • interconnection to LAN with application of at least two network cards in all critical servers;
  • double fiber connection to disk array and all its parts;
  • application of cluster systems.

Network Safety

  • full redundancy of network backbone in the Data Center;
  • security and monitoring of all network ports against unauthorized network connection (including LAN in COIG S.A.);
  • partition of the Data Center network into zones and assignment of a server to a zone, depending on its functionality and group of Customers;
  • firewall protection of all zones;
  • monitoring of any abnormalities with application of an IPS system (Intrusion Prevention System);
  • application of VPN devices for creation of virtual private networks, connected with the resources located in COIG S.A. Data Center,
  • connection with a few independent communications service providers with application of fiber optic cables or microwave transmission.