Electronic Auctions - save time

The Internet Auction Portal is a tool used to facilitate the processes of acquiring and selling products and services. The tool allows the user to avoid formalities and save time and cost connected with preparation of sales and procurement processes.


Application Focused on User Convenience

The bidders have on-line access to all significant information through a desktop computer with Internet access. It is a flexible solution with possibility of configuration accordingly to the user’s individual requirements and what is most important is has a user friendly interface.

Compliance with the Public Procurement Law

The Portal enables auction sales in public or non-public mode, with application of the electronic signature – in accordance with the Public Procurement Law and related Acts.

Measurable benefits
Open for all part available to all Internet users
  • overview and review of auction details,
  • review of auction participation rules,
  • communication with auction organizer (auction administrator),
  • entry of a new auction participant (contracting party),
  • information about intention of participation in a particular auction.
Confidential part, only for logged on auction participants
  • overview of pending and ended auctions and review of auction participation conditions,
  • review of auction documentation,
  • auction registration and entry,
  • auction participation,
  • communication with the auction organizer while the auction is pending,
  • overview of ended auctions reports (only those in which the bidder participated),
  • submitting remarks to the auction organizer.
Administering Panel
  • auction creation,
  • creation of application users,
  • deletion or blocking of users,
  • control of participation in the auctions,
  • auction preview while it lasts,
  • answers to auction participants questions,
  • review of historical bids,
  • ended auctions reports for bidders,
  • ended auctions reports the organizer.

Overtime Mechanism

The application contains a mechanism of prolonging the bidding time – an overtime system. However, it is not a solution typical for this type of systems because it allows flexible extension of bidding time thus not allowing the users to act as they most commonly do in such situations, waiting with their bids till the last seconds of the auction and the user who bids in time nearest to auction closing time wins the bid.

Security and Innovation

The portal operates on an advanced equipment platform and full access to information is available upon double authorization. Web connection is carried out through a safe, encrypted HTTPS protocol. All user operations are recorded in form of logs automatically and in detail.

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