Służba zdrowia Służba zdrowia

Entrust to us the health of your IT

Due to long-term experience in delivering software and services to health care units, we can offer our Customers the highest class solutions, adapted to the needs of modern health care institutions. We have successfully implemented many IT projects, supporting hospitals and outpatient clinics in improving their work organization, and aiding them in fulfilling legal requirements (i.a. through creating patient treatment and cost settlement documentation).

Additionally, we offer a wide range of outsourcing services rendered by our own Data Processing Center. Our specialists are competent enough to carry-out complete audit, that might be of support to healthcare institutions.

Obieg dokumentów Obieg dokumentów

Efficient document management is nowadays a must for companies wishing to effectively manage its resources and be successful. Our system ensures effective, systematic, and safe management of electronic documents and workflow. »

InfoMedica InfoMedica

Jako autoryzowany partner firmy ASSECO POLAND S.A. oferujemy dystrybucję, wdrażanie oraz serwisowanie oprogramowania wspierającego jednostki medyczne w realizacji zadań związanych z ubezpieczeniowym systemem ochrony zdrowia. »

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