The company was founded in 1951 to render computing services for the mining industry, therefore it is one the oldest and most experienced Polish IT companies.

In 1976 it was established as Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki Górnictwa. During that time, the company was implementing new services and equipment solutions in the mining industry. The second half on 90-ties led the company to enter into the market of dedicated services addressed to public administration units. During that time, the company’s structure and the form of part of the provided IT outsourcing services has changed, due to the tendency of the business units for which COIG S.A. rendered its services, to process data on with their own

computer equipment and licensed application software. Therefore, the variety of IT outsourcing services has increased, and yet their implementation idea remained unchanged. On basis on Informix (later also Oracle) and network technologies, the company developed SZYK and implemented it in all business units of mining companies supported by COIG S.A.

Over the recent years, IT implementation in healthcare institutions influenced the company to extend its product portfolio with software and services for healthcare institutions. The year 2004 was a time when COIG S.A. obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality management system Certificate, and in 2012 the company obtained ISO 27001:2005 information security management system Certificate.


In the first decade of XXI century COIG S.A. introduced more advanced versions of its products to the market – it was a new generation of ERP – SZYK2 designed and developed with application of the most advanced IT tools, with enhanced functionality, fulfilling all standards and requirements of ERP systems. Public Administration Customers were given access to the new generation of KSAT2000i. We have introduced Mdok – an electronic document and business issues workflow system to the market. We have made Szyk2 for large Customers (including Kompania Węglowa S.A. – the largest coal mining company in Europe) fully available in outsourcing model. It is processed in safe and reliable COIG S.A. Data Center. We process millions of messages per second, hundreds of terabytes of data bases supporting thousands of end users. On 20 September 2012 WASKO S.A. obtained from the State Treasury 85% of COIG S.A. shares, thus incorporating COIG S.A. into the WASKO S.A. Group.

Respecting the value and importance of the problem of rising management efficiency and effectivity, on basis of application of electronic computing techniques, heads of the ministry decided to equip the established in 1951 ministerial computer center, called Centralne Biuro Rozliczeń Przemysłu Węglowego, with an electronic computer machine. The machine is the first automated device to be installed in the mining industry for the needs of data processing and management, and its application will enable implementation of a number of important projects, with regard to optimal management of organization units of different levels (...).

- 1969, Deputy Minister of Mining and Energy - Marcin Borecki -