and Maintenance
of IT Systems

COIG S.A. has dozens of years of experience in implementing enterprise management support systems. This also means great experience in adaptation of these systems to the specific requirements of our Customers. That is why we apply technologically advanced and market-proven information technology solutions. While offering in-house developed, and world leading solutions, we also provide their implementation and maintenance. Regardless of the system availability model (SaaS or installation of the Customer resources), each of our Customers is offered a pack of services bound with the process of application organization and run – accordingly to their expectations.

Pre-implementation Review

Pre-implementation analysis is carried out as part of the implementation process and allows to define Customer requirements. This knowledge is necessary to correctly configure and set system parameters and system functionality, to effectively support business processes. The stage of pre-implementation analysis also defines detailed roadmap of activities.

Implementation of the Plan

The implementation process is divided into stages that incorporate all planned tasks, with the optimum use of the available resources i.e.: time, human resources, budget. Implementation of the respective plan stages is discussed with the Customer and verified, guaranteeing effects accordingly to their expectations.

Employee Support

Implementation tasks also include training and workshops during which the users gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to independently work with the system. System run is always performed in assistance of COIG S.A. consultants, offering their knowledge and expertise to support the user during the initial period of software operation.

The implementation process is managed accordingly to Prince2 or SureStep methodology. To ensure high level of the rendered services we have implemented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Maintenance services of our systems are aimed to ensure the Customer with maximum software availability, reliability and productivity.

Service Desk

Our front and back Service Desks operate accordingly to the well-developed, and effective Customer order support procedures. Service Desk contains processes of change, configuration, order, incident and problem management which allow on-line support of user entries, ensure full monitoring and system maintenance index settlement, defined on the level of SLA Agreement. All tasks carried out by the Service Desk are based on ITIL best practices which, in connection with COIG S.A. experience in rendering IT services, allows to quickly and effectively solve all issues connected with software maintenance.

Up-to-date software

As part of IT system maintenance, we provide our customers access to the most up-to-date versions of all application components. New versions of our in-house developed software are the result of analytical and development work of our designers and of user proposed functionality improvements and modifications.

On-line Support

Anytime, when working with the system, the user can rely on the expertise of COIG S.A. consultants in solving operational problems, and training improving work qualifications and software competence. To ensure high level of the rendered services we have implemented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.