Effective health care management

InfoMedica i AMMS (Asseco Medical Management Solutions) is a complex solution for health care institutions developed by ASSECO POLAND S.A. As an authorized partner, COIG S.A. distributes, implements and maintains the application supporting health care institutions in carrying out their tasks connected with social insurance health protection system.

What does InfoMedica ensure?

  • planning, recording, monitoring and accounting for contracts concluded between service providers from the Polish National Health Fund or other payers;
  • register of the provided health services, including reporting for the authorized controlling and supervision authorities;
  • calculation of health services cost, financial accounting, management accounting and controlling;
  • assessment of the company’s financial health;
  • creation of medical documentation;
  • register of processes connected with patient treatment.

What management and administration modules does the application contain?

  • Financials and Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Standard Cost Calculation
  • Sales Register
  • Budgeting
  • Medical Treatment Cost Calculation
  • Contract Management
  • Staff and Payroll
  • Work Time Processing (Work Schedules)
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Tangible Assets
  • Public Procurement
What health modules does InfoMedica contain?
  • Patients Activity: stores patient data
  • Outpatient Clinic: facilitates patients register and appointments at outpatient clinics. Maintains full patient registers and all treatment elements.
  • Pharmacy: supports operation of hospital pharmacy, maintains registers of inventory levels, registers drug supplies and consumption, supports drug supply planning.
  • Ward Med Kit: facilitates drug consumption at hospital wards, allows to electronically order drugs in the hospital pharmacy, controls hospital ward inventory level.
  • Orders: facilitates electronic orders of medical procedures and patient examinations, tracks order performance and place of order performance.
  • Diagnostics Laboratory: supports diagnostic examination, records examination and examination results, manages examination register.
  • Pathomorphology Laboratory: supports management of histopathological, cytological and all stages of sectional examinations.
  • Hospital Laboratory: supports work of the hospital laboratory, maintains patients register, their examinations and examination results.
  • e-Orders: facilitates Internet transfer and receipt of diagnostics and laboratory examination orders to and from InfoMedica.
  • HD Unit: complex register of all significant information regarding dialyzed patients and their HD appointments (or dialyzed at hospital ward).
  • Health Documentation Forms: facilitates use of InfoMedica healthcare unit specific forms and templates used to describe patient treatment.
  • Operating Suite: facilitate surgery documentation, registers surgery team members, surgery process and result.
  • e-Register: supports Internet diagnostics examination dates planning for contractors and individual patients.
  • Register: supports main documentation register. Maintains information connected with receipt, issue or lending of patients health documentation.
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