A service allowing our Customers to place their hardware in our server rooms with guarantee of power supply, cooling and access to the advanced technology of our Data Center. We offer hardware colocation and access to full outsourcing infrastructure: disk arrays, backup and storage systems, monitoring systems, etc..

Computer clusters

Designing, activating, testing and operating high availability and reliability clusters. To obtain this, it is necessary to use the best applicable hardware, therefore our Data Center operates on IBM, VMware and RedHat solutions. Our specialists can build high reliability clusters for our Customers.


Monitoring of the installed network devices, server and services with the use of an in-house developed application. Automatic reporting shortens reaction times in case of failures.

Data Migration and Relocation

Definition of needs, planning and support during data migration and relocation. We render full support of Enterprise systems, i.e.: Linux, AIX, Windows, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, Informix and other.

Backup i Data Storage

Storage and backup copies in any model selected by the Customer.