Complex services for
local government units

KSAT2000i is an Integrated Management System for local governments, supporting administration processes that take place in local government units.

Financial-Accounting-Budgeting Subsystem (FKB)

The application supports effective budget planning and monitoring accordingly to both – conventional and by task classifications. It also facilitates accounting in accordance with the Polish legal requirements. A significant function of the FKB component is the possibility of issuing complete reporting for the Polish Social Insurance Company and for the Regional Accounting Chamber.

Financial-Accounting-Budgeting Environment Subsystem (OFKB)

The subsystem compliments the FKB component – it is a financial basis for development and account settlement of tax decisions, registering and accounting for tangible assets and municipal property, employee pay calculation and accounting as well as recording and settling of traffic tickets.

Register Subsystem (EWID)

The system facilitates register requirements in areas of registration of population, including support of the Citizen Affairs Department of the Commune Office and full support of elections (from local to presidential). It also facilitates effective staff register.

Administration Subsystem (ADM)

The component contains mechanisms facilitating administration of its data base resources, steering and access protection to the resources, including full monitoring. This ensures full data protection accordingly to the Polish legal requirements.

A solution adapted to individual needs


KSAT2000i is built of modules, enabling adaptation of the implementation to the actual needs of the local government units, with the possibility implementing the full installation in the future.

What can be gained?

System Technologies

Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic 11g R1, Oracle Linux 6, Oracle VM 3.0 Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud environments

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