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Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system and a flexible tool for enterprise management, enabling employees and the company to make the best business decisions. We offer industrial system extensions that may be applied with the standard system modules.

Measurable benefits MS Dynamics AX

Scalability of the solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a complex solution guaranteeing scalability along with company growth. AOS application servers can be expanded accordingly to the requirements of a growing company.

Possibility of fast implementation

One of the software advantages is the possibility of system implementation, adaptation and modification accordingly to Customer needs – three tier infrastructure facilitates creation and management of non-standard system versions. Development environment delivered with the systems facilities system developers (including Customers) designing, editing and compiling of of its particular functions.

Integration with other technologies

Excellent work with other systems – object oriented architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with other Microsoft technologies.

Adaptation to Customer needs

System structure based on roles complies with user needs and requirements, enabling increase of company productivity. Task oriented interface, adapter to user preferences and functions allows the employees to concentrate on what is most important in their work.

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