INVERT – a Microsoft Dynamics AX module for management of broadly defined company facilities, fixed assets and property, including their scanned documentation. It also supports register of maintenance incidents on these facilities in the phases of reporting, planning and implementation. Maintenance tasks specified by the user are managed in detail in the areas of forecasting and cost accounting.


  • budget creation for the carried out tasks, and ongoing cost accounting in connection with a given task,
  • possibility of cost accounting according to fixed price, invoicing, or on basis of actual costs and hours consumed in connection with a given task, including the set profit margin,
  • two methods of „external” task accounting "Time & Material" or "Fixed Price",
  • defining of multi-tier task structures with an unlimited number of sections,
  • flexible hierarchical structure allowing to create interdependent (superior and inferior) tasks, allowing to define any type of maintenance task,
  • defining standard maintenance tasks, repeated after a certain period of time or device "mileage".

Facilities management

Functions of the Facilities module support management (per each device) of information referring to:

  • producer,
  • procurement and warranty,
  • location,
  • maintenance,
  • technical description,
  • history and maintenance plan,
  • scanned documentation.

Fixed Assets and Property Maintenance Accounting

The module of maintenance accounting facilitates effective management of each maintenance task, including full preview and control of its implementation. There are mechanisms supporting internal maintenance tasks (that have been commissioned to respective company departments).

Task accounting may be performer in the following categories:

  • time consumption
  • materials consumption
  • cost incurred