Standard Modules

Sales and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows to maximize benefits arising in connection with Customer relations and – consequently – generating profit.
The software stores data in one centralized data base. This means that individual users or departments can freely exchange information. For example: the manager has direct access to projects, invoices, ordering history, and current income, without the necessity of creating additional reports by salespeople. In effect, the planned sales processes are well managed, the activities of salespeople are coordinated, and there is a better view of Customer contacts.
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Chain Supply Management
(logistics, inventory, commerce)

Among the core tasks supported by an ERP system is integration of enterprise processes, ensuring continuous information exchange with Suppliers and Customers.

Due to advanced technology, Microsoft Dynamics AX can be modified by the user to reflect company processes, and in effect, operate uninterruptedly and efficiently.

Inventory Management and Stock Control are based on detail processes of materials handling and transaction monitoring. The system allows reduction of stock levels and enterprise overall cost. Automation of order placement, delivery and invoicing processes – also via the web – facilitate Customer service. Additionally, application of Master Planning enables forecasting of stock levels, according to different scenarios.

High system transparency – from production lines, through inventory, to shipment – improve decision processes and allow creation of a feasible plan, and its on-going adjustment.

Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX contains a high class project management application that ensures easy and effective project management, regardless of its type (closed or open budget) and location (external or internal).

It is possible to adjust the scope of data, its presentation mode, and level of detail to the needs of each project participant. Data can be accesses via the web or an Employee Portal – easy to adjust www application that supports not only data review, but also its input and modification.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Projects module is a high class project planning, monitoring and management platform. The module supports management of 'Time & Material' and advanced 'Fixed-price' projects.

Financials Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials Management is a set of fools providing the user with all that is necessary for effective bookkeeping, in accordance with reporting requirements.

Financials Management Modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
  • Bank
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cost Accounting
  • Consolidation

Manufacturing Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing modules contain everything required for MTS or MTO production, to effectively manage production, inventory and materials flow.

Not only maintaining production rate on the level of market demands, but also its monitoring, are the foundations of success. To achieve this, a quick access to the required information, adequate to the place and time, is required. For this reason, a flexible ERP system and e-business, adaptable to the existing manufacturing processes, opening the door to unlimited possibilities of new technologies, are required. That is what Microsoft Dynamics AX has to offer.

To optimize manufacturing processes and meet fast demand changes, Microsoft Dynamics AX has been equipped with tools controlling manufacturing processes, and enabling tracking of processes on different levels of detail. They also allow enterprise resource planning, materials planning, creation of manufacturing schedules, reduction of downtimes and shortening of manufacturing cycle, while reducing cost.

Additionally, the advanced functionality of Working Time Register can, among others, automatically generate the basis for calculating employee salary within a given period of time, based on production data and work attendance data.