TOP TEL is an advanced, custom made ERP solution for bulk service providers (telephone, Interne, cable TV operators, power supply distributors, etc.) that because of the nature of their business, need to automate the processes of user payments. The solution is adapted to their business specifics, yet it contains not only the billing module but all aspects of company activity.

Application features and functions

  • possibility of assigning multiple contracts to one Customer,
  • defining price lists for specific Customer groups and Fares,
  • history of changes in fares and payments on Customer assigned contracts,
  • Customer grouping mechanisms for bulk processing groups,
  • defining analytical classes for accounted services,
  • automatic issue of invoices linked with generation of data files for printing and enveloping centers,
  • mechanisms checking completeness of the invoicing process in a specific processing group,
  • payment tracking by due dates,
  • sales tracking by product groups,
  • complaints register and accounting,
  • bulk generation of payment reminders and requests for payment,
  • recording of data allowing generation of reports for Office of Electronic Communications and the Energy Regulatory Authority,
  • available OLAP cubes for multi-dimensional analyses.

A solution for big and small suppliers

TOP TEL is a system adapted to facilitate multiple fares, pricelists and groups of users and to track all cost connected with managing this type of business.

TOP TEL can be applied by local telephone services suppliers in a single location, as well as by companies with dispersed structure with many branches or agencies.

A complex data exchange interface allows for integration of data deriving from all branch offices and points of sales.