TOP TOOLS supports effective tools management. It is applied to register tools and utilities. The software can be used to support tool shop as well as any type of equipment and documentation.

Tool Shop

TOP TOOLS contains a set of pre-defined reports of tool levels and rotation, tool labels, etc. Additionally, data from all registers can be easily copied to Microsoft Excel chart.

Application of standard reports

An authorized user with can also work with standard reports, available in other Microsoft Dynamics AX modules, e.g. purchase invoice in Accounts Payable module, Stock value in Inventory Management module or cost analysis and depreciation of fixed assets in General ledger.

Reports Wizard

System Administrator can prepare any report with the help of reports wizard which is a part of Microsoft Dynamics AX or they can apply more complex business analysis tools.

What can be gained?

  • quick access to data describing a specific tool, quick access to information about maintenance and warranty repairs,
  • searching for tools according to technical description selection criteria,
  • tracking of places of use of tools and their elements (current and historical),
  • history of tool incidents,
  • tool requirements planning,
  • searching for tools accordingly to specific criteria of task planning and implementation.