Respecting privacy of users browsing COIG SA web page, we hereby inform that the data accumulated in the log journals is used exclusively for efficient and accurate administration of the website. This means that we do not solicit the identification of COIG SA website users, we do not pass any identification data to any third parties or use the obtained data for any other purposes.

Data accumulation

The visited resources are identified by URLs. Accordingly to common practice applied by most web services, we store HTTP/HTTPS enquiries, directed to our servers. This means that we are familiar with:

The data is not associated with any particular COIG SA website visitor. To ensure the highest quality of our website, we analyze log files to verify the sites visited most often , through what web browsers and whether the site structure is error free, etc.

Data processing

The collected logs are stored for an unlimited period of time, as auxiliary material for administering the site. Information they contain is not exposed to anybody, except staff authorized to administer the site and COIG SA network. On basis of log files the statistics aiding administering processes can be generated. Collective summaries in form of such statistics do not contain any data identifying website visitors.

Cookie mechanisms on COIG SA website

The cookie mechanism is not applied to obtain data about website users or to track their navigation. Cookie files applied in COIG SA website do not store personal data or any other user data.

COIG SA website uses:

All browsers may be configured so not to use persistent cookies. For example in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, the user shall select Tools, then Internet Options – select Privacy and click the Advanced Privacy Settings button. Select „Override automatic cookie handling”, set cookie types to „Block” or Prompt”. Select „Always allow session cookies”. Other browsers has similar settings and cookie handling can be set accordingly to user requirements.

Links to other sites

COIG SA webpages contain links to other websites. COIG SA is not responsible for privacy practices of those sites. It is recommended that after transferring on to different website, visitors should familiarize themselves with the other sites’ privacy policies. The privacy policy set herein applies only to COIG SA Website.

Using Google Analytics

We hereby inform that additionally website uses Google Analytics service, rendered by Google, Inc. („Google”), described in detail at:


In case of changes in privacy policy, the above provisions will be modified as appropriate.