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TOP SHOP is a unique system facilitating management of commercial premises, enabling storage of all necessary information in one place. Due to the fact that the system has been developed in-house it may be adapted to user needs and requirements, thus enabling the Customer to use an effective tool supporting their work.

Information about the Premises

The premises data contains all necessary information that may be divided into basic data and features. Additionally the module accumulates information regarding devices.

Invoices and Settlements

The application supports receipt of invoices from the Customer’s external systems (financial and accounting systems) through application of services delivered with the system of through primal register of invoices in TOP SHOP.

Business Partners

The Business Partner management module supports the entry of all data necessary do describe Business Partners. The basic areas are: BP data, address and contact data, bank accounts.

Document Archives

The system allows for storage of documents (contracts, memos)in digital form. The documents are described by assigning them to a specific category (e.g. commercial hire agreement) and giving them letterings.


The system hosts the authorized users register, however being integrated with ActiveDirectory it allows to import the users from the Customer’s structure.

Communication with Peripheral Systems

Being developed in-house, it is possible to adapt the application to the Customer’s needs and requirements and to integrate it with their systems.

Measurable benefits TOP SHOP TOP SHOP

A perfect solution for...

large trade and service organizations with offices and branches located on commercial premises rented from different owners, as well as for professional business groups with commercial infrastructures (e.g service networks, sales offices, logistics networks, etc.).

We are saving your time

The application facilitates management of diverse and complex rent contracts (with security deposits and warranties), ensures quick, on-line access to details regarding the premises and improves timeframes management by automatic prompting.

A system based on experience

TOP SHOP has been designed in cooperation with the owner of the well-known network of ROSSMANN perfumeries, with nearly 800 retail shops, as custom-made solution for management of such networks.

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