COIG SA Summer Internship Program has come to an end. Four of our interns have joined COIG SA crew permanently, proving diligence and high professional qualifications.

This year’s Summer Internship Program was addressed to third, fourth and fifth year students of all university majors. 11 young people that have successfully undergone the process of selection and recruitment, were invited to participate in the two-month project. The interns became members of our teams of: programmers, accountants, lawyers and human resources staff. Apart of everyday duties, the students participated in our in-house training sessions, led by COIG SA coach, and in team building meetings. The most recognized - Wojtek, Karolina, Tamara and Maciek have joined us permanently!


Internship: Accounting Department
Presently: An employee of our Accounting Staff

„My responsibilities were to support the company employees in minor, everyday duties as well as responsible accounting tasks, such as i.e. commercial invoices assignment and posting. The atmosphere in the company is friendly, employees are helpful and each business task is discussed in detail. What is more the internship included a number of training sessions that helped us gain new qualifications and broadened our knowledge. The program also involved team building meetings that allowed the interns and their guardians to get to know each other better. Reassuming – participation in COIG SA Summer Internship Program was a valuable experience for me due to which I had the possibility to apply my knowledge and skills into practice.”


Internship: Department of Software Development for Public Administration
Aktualnie: Junior Programmer

„The tasks I was assigned varied, were interesting and most importantly the projects I was involved in are applied within the company. There is a pleasant working atmosphere, No one treated me as if I were an unnecessary person who is only interfering. When I had a problem with performing a task I could always count on the more experienced colleagues giving me a hand. During the internship I learned a great deal – although it was only two months, I was able to extend my knowledge and experience the work of a programmer.”


Internship: Human Resources and Payroll Department
Presently: Human Resources and Payroll Department

„Starting the internship, my head was full of theoretical, book knowledge and I did not know much about the functioning of Human Resources and Payroll Department in practice. During those two months I had the possibility to discover from the inside how this unit operates in the organization and to gain important skills. The department employees were very helpful and kind. I was learning in a friendly atmosphere and I always received help when I needed it. I must admit that the time spent at COIG SA was educational, and the range of opportunities was very wide – starting from the issues covered by the trainings, through recruitment process and employee records to salary calculation. The internship supervisor took my needs into account and motivated me to develop. During internship I have also managed an individual project which was not only a challenge but also a test of my own abilities. I am very happy to have participated in COIG Summer Internship Program and I truly recommend it.”


Internship: ESOD Software Development Department
Presently: Junior Programmer

„In my opinion I was given important and responsible tasks everyday and many of my solutions have been already applied in further part of the project. Some of the tasks required me to learn new technologies but I managed to finish them in time. The corporate culture is very friendly, everyone is friendly and helpful, especially the people I worked with. We made jokes during work – I saw that my colleagues came to work with pleasure. When we needed to focus, we mobilized ourselves and worked very hard. Sławek – my guardian – was very helpful, he was able to find an answer to each of my questions. I recommend the Summer Internship Program to people who want to learn something new, experience team work benefits and discover new opportunities.”

The other internship participants

Internship: Software Development Departament

„Summer Internship Program at COIG SA, in which I had the pleasure to participate, allowed me to develop my passion, which is programming. I worked in software development department, where I was a member of one of the teams. I was given tasks that at the beginning seemed difficult and complicated but with the help of the leader and other team members they became easier and comprehensive. During internship I gained valuable experience – I learnt teamwork and I found out that combining creativity of several people leads to excellent effects. I got to know application of interesting technologies and I learnt how to use them. Friendly working conditions made work very pleasant. During internship I also participated in interesting training sessions that will surely be helpful when persuading my further career. To sum up, the two month COIG Internship was great fun that allowed me to develop my skills – I only regret that it lasted for such a short period of time.”

Internship: ERP Software Development Department

„COIG Internship Program surprised me in a very positive way. I found openness and willingness of cooperation from the side of the company. The guardians were exceptionally engaged in preparing the internship program and the tasks. For us, working in a team was not only responsibility but also pleasure – the atmosphere was friendly and all my questions were answered.”
Internship: Enterprise Systems Platform Management Department

„I did not know what to expect before I stared the program – actually, it was my first time. As it turned out later, my concerns were absolutely unjustified. COIG SA is a group of wonderful people, helful and always ready to answer questions. I worked in a department where I was able to learn operation of large IT systems. I took part in creating SAN network infrastructure that is applied in large corporations. The knowledge I gained is priceless because experience and practice cannot be learnt at home or university. I also appreciate good organization of the Internship Program and the company’s overall working conditions. Here, nothing happens by accident, everyone has their place and purpose – I like such order very much. Additionally, the program was enhanced with training sessions that have extended our knowledge and allowed for integration among the interns. The word guardian describes my boss very well. I could always ask for suport and advice – a great man. If you have the possibility to take part in COIG SA Internship Program, do not hesitate!”
Internship: Software Development Departament

„During the internchip I was engaged in a project of creating a Graph drawing library, I have learnt the operation of IT systems and I found out a lot about programming in Javascript and Python. Working conditions are friendly and team members are helpful in solving even small problems. I recommend COIG SA Internship Program, especially for people who would like to experience working in a large organization.”

On behalf of our company and all Internship Program Guardians, we would like to thank our Interns for their hard but also pleasant work that for us was also an interesting experience.

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