For over 20 years our specialists have been consequently acquiring experience and competencies with the following lines and series of IBM Power Systems (formerly AS/400), practically applying IBMi (i5/OS and AIX) operating systems. We provide system services and custom developed solutions, supporting enterprise management. Fulfilling Customer requirements, our programmers develop software adapted to individual business needs.

System Services

  • server administering
  • technical support
  • equipment installations and upgrades
  • installation and configuration of operating systems and licensed programs
  • integration of different system environments
  • complex solutions linked with other services provided by the company (e.g. outsourcing)

System Services in Customer Environment

System services can be provided regardless of where the serves are located – what is of significance, is the possibility of remote access to them. The equipment can also be installed in COIG S.A. server room. When offering our services, we take into account Customer’s present needs.

Custom Developed Software

Basing on our long-time experience, we carry-out the most complicated projects. Our team of programmers can develop applications for complex enterprise processes. We apply the following programming technologies:

  • CASE Adelia,
  • RPG, COBOL, C, CL, Java programming languages.

Our product portfolio contains a wide range of system services and custom developed enterprise management support solutions. Addressing Customer needs, our programmers develop software adapted to individual requirements, of every company.