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SZYK2 – a unique, integrated management support system, an ergonomic and intuitive solution increasing effectiveness of enterprise operation. The software covers all areas of company activity – its application brings unlimited business possibilities. SZYK2 is a result of many years of COIG S.A. experience in IT software development. It is a suite of applications effectively supporting key processes of the modern and dynamic enterprise. It is addressed to large and middle size companies, with a single or multi-divisional organizational structure. It provides simple and quick access to a wide range of statements and analyses that are the foundation of operating and strategic management.

Measurable benefits SZYK2

Openness of the solution

Due to open architecture (technical and programming) the system enables integration with other expert software applications used in an enterprise. It also facilitates application of standard adapters supporting inventory and data warehouses that are addressed to be explored by BI tools.

Solution for enterprises with different organizational structures

SZYK2 supports holdings and multi-divisional companies, it may be applied in dispersed companies with a large number of users working simultaneously.

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