Financial and
Accounting Complex

The Complex supports register of economic issues, for the needs of formal and management accounting. It provides functionality required by law and EU legislation (IFRS). KFK comprises full extent of accounting functionality to be applied in a modern and dynamic enterprise.

Fixed and Financial Assets

Dedicated system functionalities support management of logistics processes in offices and warehouses through mobile devices – this applies to physical inventory of fixed assets.

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

The module is applied to track accounts payable / accounts receivable, non-cash transactions and debt collection.

Cash Registry

Cash management is supported by Cash Register application.


This solution supports debt collection documents – interest notes, payment reminders, balance confirmation letters.

General Ledger

A tool applied to maintain accounting records in the areas of financial and management accounting.

System Repository

Application functionality allowing management of accounting documents register, with possibility of transferring them to business modules. Due to built-in exchange interfaces, the application can collaborate with systems of electronic document flow.

Cost Accounting

The module supports current accounting of cost events on basis of defined set of distribution lists and procedures.

Procurement and Sales Processes

The software facilitates support of standard documents connected with purchases and sales processes in business units – with regard to domestic and foreign recipient.

Property Management

Due to analytical tools and reporting functions, the module supports detailed register of property, its structures, objects and business locations. The application contains the necessary interfaces ensuring cooperation with GIS servers. It is possible to apply the solution in Bing! or Google Maps services.