Material Logistics Complex

Material Logistics Complex is the core link of enterprise supply chain management. It supports flow of materials, goods and information corresponding with them. The solution facilitates electronic transfer of documents, with application of qualified electronic signature and mobile devices, to support inventory processes.


Repository is a set of dictionaries and files containing data required for standardization and functioning of the entire Material Logistics Complex.

Purchases Planning

The component carries out tasks connected with procurement planning. It facilitates planning of consumption (with setting the limits) and demand, on the levels of material groups, branches and the whole enterprise.


The module supports tasks connected with preparation and implementation of electronic auctions (including public procurement auctions). It also optimizes the process of creating contracts, requirements and purchase orders.

Stock Turnover

The area facilitates work of inventory staff and warehouse management. It supports register, analysis and control of materials turnover, enables stock locations management – on basis of stock analysis it also facilitates packaging management.

Analysis and Control

System functionality allows for definition of personalized, dynamic reports containing sets of reports on materials consumption, analysis of logistics indexes, it also facilitates state and industry reporting.

Register of Recycled, Remanufactured and Second-Hand

The module supports processes of accumulation, sorting, disassembly and recovery of materials as well as storing, removing, recirculation and liquidation of waste. These may derive from enterprise procurement, manufacturing, distribution of maintenance systems.

System of Electronic Recording of Blasting Materials

The application is a complimentary solution of SZYK2 and supplements it in the area of custom-made functions for blasting materials supervising authorities (accordingly to the applicable law). The module can be used as an independent application, supporting the process of blasting materials turnover and exchange of data with ERP system in the area of accounting the process of blasting materials turnover - that in accordance with th Regulation of Minister of Economy of 05 November 2009 on the explicit labeling of explosive materials intended for civil use, labeling of manufacturing sites and labels register (Journal of Laws No 189, pos. 1470 of 10 November 2009) and UE Directive 2008/43/WE.).

Work wear and Maintenance Management

The module contains a set of applications, grouping optional system functionalities that are customarily assigned to the area of input logistics.