Production and
Technical Complex

The complex facilitates business processes related to manufacturing, its set-up and maintenance. Module functionalities are addressed to support manufacturing processes in mining enterprises.

Task Management

The module has been developed as a tool for monitoring of task execution at micro and macro levels in any phase. It supports task accounting in financial terms and material scope.

Production Processes Reporting

The software supports mine dispatching services, thus allowing to keep registers documenting daily mine operation on basis of record files and dictionaries.

Production Processes Scheduling

Developing timetables and schedules for single and multi-operational mines, providing the supervision unit access to confirmed plans can be significantly improved by applying Production Processes Scheduling.

Production Resources Management

Enterprise Asset Management System supports management of production resources (technical facilities) and maintenance management, closely linked to them. It supports analyses with regard to coal extraction in mine wall complexes, and management of mine roof supports. System functionality adapted to work with mobile devices supports inventory management of machinery and devices, and underground logistics tasks carried out on machine elements.

Production Accounting

Recording and storage of mining-geological-organizational features of longwalls and underground areas is supported by Production Accounting module. Additionally, the systems allows to define calculation-based cost by cost types and storing them for underground and surface workplaces.


Energy is a solution to account the amount of any utility (power supply, hot water, steam, methane, etc.) is given periods of time. The application supports recording and accounting of utilities for the purposes of excise duty.