Portals Complex

Corporation Portals are nowadays one of the most effective methods of enterprise information management. They support internal and external enterprise communication through effective information exchange with business partners. The solutions included in the complex are a set of www applications, with template foundations of CRM, SCM and PRM systems and their B2B, B2C, B2E, B2G technology possibilities. Complex solutions, based on backbone applications that are being adapted and extended accordingly to the requirements of particular customers.

Customer Service Portal

In connection with the KSP Sales System, the module constitutes a block of solutions supporting the process of customer service. The portal is a solution supporting electronic generation and management of sales contracts, sales orders, consignment, authorizations and dates of collection of the ordered goods.

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal fulfills individual employee needs with regard to their access to data being stored by the employer. The portal is equipped with interactive functions, e.g. schedule of holiday leaves or requests for changes in employee data. Custom made functionalities of the Employee Portal enable application operation within Infokiosks.

Supplier’s Portal

The application enhances communication between the orderer and the supplier – it supports dynamic and electronic data exchange. In connection with the KLM Complex, it also enables application of the advanced VMI management method.

Public Reporting Portal

Due to internal mechanisms and wizards, as well as connections with other SZYK2 components, the portal supports nationat and industrial reporting – in formats pursuant to legal requirements.