Sales Complex

Sales Complex supports business processes of output logistics. Functionalities of the modules facilitate production processes in mining companies. The software operates with the following systems: coal loading and weighing, sales monitoring and control, management of carriers, and independent, accredited laboratories, defining the quality of carbon products.


The module is a package containing data required for operation of the sales complex. It stores system parameters and settings of the enterprise output logistics.

Railway Dispatch

Railway dispatch is a solution for enterprise organization structures responsible for bulk sales of raw materials shipped by railway transport. The application supports load of railway wagons and shipments to consignees.

Carrier Management

The system functionality allows for effective cooperation with carriers, with regard to transport documentation (exchange of bill of loadings, lists of freight wagons, notices).

Customer Service

The software supports Customer communication processes, and the relevant sales processes. It contains tools facilitating preparation and efficient circulation of electronic sales documents, their acceptance, affixing secure electronic signatures and sales reporting.

Quality Control

The system supports register of quality tests, matching of tests with shipments and issuing quality certificates, therefore it is a tool useful for and applied by quality control departments.

Sales Control

Sales Control is an optional application addressed to security services responsible for dispatch and sales control. It contains a set of mechanisms accuracy of loading and sales processes, and arranging vehicle traffic.

Sales Accounting

Shipment pricing, input for accounting documents (invoice issue instructions, delivery notes issue instructions, correction requests) are the functionalities of the sales accounting module.

Truckload Sales

The module supports enterprise organization structures responsible for sales of raw materials (coal or non-carbon products) delivered to the consignees by road transport.