Staff and
Payroll Complex

The application supports human resources management. The solutions contained in the staff and payroll complex are in conformity with the Polish labour law, tax regulations, insurance provisions and the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

Staff Management

The staff module is a perfect solution for companies with complex needs in the area of hard HR. It supports employee personal data registers and stores information connected with their employment history.

Time and Attendance Register

The software supports employee attendance information. It is also a solution for settling and recording working hours with the use of automatic readers available on the market.


The module supports definition of employee remuneration system, salary calculation and facilitates generation of the necessary reports.


The planner is an application supporting employee working hours and facilitating assignment of salary allowances arising out of job positions and workplaces.

Planning of working days

The system supports the process of planning the number of working days for a company and its divisions. The proposed schedule is subject to approval on basis of balancing the number of demanded and supplied working days.

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal provides employees with access to their data, accumulated by the employer. The application is equipped with interactive functions supporting holiday schedules or requests for changes in employee data. Employee Portal custom-made functionalities enable the application to operate as an Interactive kiosk.