Support in attaining
business plans

A perfect tool for asset management (EAM) supporting processes in the area of plans implementation and maintenance through internal and external orders. Due to the possibility of keeping a register of machines and devices, the system enables cost control of machine maintenance and facilitates decision making as to further expenses.


Reports provide information regarding the objectives and their completion stages in all areas supported by the system. Additionally, reports forecast events that may occur in the future. The application is also a source of historical information.


The application facilitates entering into the system of invoices, information regarding the issued materials and workers’ labor time, therefore it is possible to fully control the completion process of the planned tasks.

Means of Production

The application allows keeping a register of machines and devices. The user can keep a full register of receipts, relocation, and liquidation. The user is led step by step through all the operations.


The completion of tasks is achieved by planning and initiating the orders highlighted within their range. The tasks, and in effect, the entire project are settled through the orders.


There is a set and entered into the system tree (hierarchical) structure of the plan. It allows all the organizational units to enter the planned tasks to be completed in defined periods of time.


The application allows keeping registers of: business partners, organizational sections, work locations, employees, materials and contracts. It also contains price list catalogues by supplier and by assortment.

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