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Complex IT support for business environment

We provide IT support to large and middle size companies by addressing ERP systems to them, adapted to their business profiles. Additionally, our business portfolio contains solutions supporting enterprise management – from document management systems, through property management systems, to B2B electronic platforms. We also offer complex IT support, thus allowing the Customers to reduce the cost of maintaining their own IT infrastructure, while having permanent access to our expertise and the most up to date information technologies.

Efficient document management is nowadays a must for companies wishing to effectively manage its resources and be successful. Our system ensures effective, systematic, and safe management of electronic documents and workflow. »

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system and a flexible tool for enterprise management, enabling employees and the company to make the best business decisions. We offer industrial system extensions that may be applied with the standard system modules. »

SZYK2 – a unique, integrated management support system, an ergonomic and intuitive solution increasing effectiveness of enterprise operation. »

TOP SHOP is a unique system facilitating management of commercial premises, enabling storage of all necessary information in one place. »

e–Procurement platform is an advanced IT solution supporting business processes in the area of purchases. »

aukcje aukcje

The Internet Auction Portal is a tool used to facilitate the processes of acquiring and selling products and services. »

A perfect tool for asset management (EAM) supporting processes in the area of plans implementation and maintenance through internal and external orders. »

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