Based on solutions of the world leading suppliers of Business Intelligence software, COIG S.A. offers a complex analytical and reporting platform adapted to IT requirements of any enterprise.

Why is it worth to trust us?

  • Many years of experience in the area of Business Intelligence
  • Successful projects, different in number of users, based on the world leading BI technologies (SAP/Business Objects, Oracle BI),
  • Our priority is to achieve the implementation target within the defined time limit and budget,
  • Full outsourcing of the BI platform from the level of COIG S.A. Data Center.

Analytical and reporting platform consists of z 3 elements:


Data warehouse

Data warehouse is a central repository of data, containing cross-section historical information, describing all business processes taking place in a corporation. Data warehouse a an organized and optimized solution for quick reporting.

COIG S.A. is experienced in implementing data warehouse solutions, including all project stages connected with a central repository.

At the beginning – in the phase of analysis – during initial arrangements with the Customer, the accumulated scope of data is defined. Subsequently, in design phases, layouts of charts, relations and procedures are deceloped. Then, it is programmed, as a whole. Additionally, we provide services of data warehouse configuration and optimization.

We are experienced in implementing on basis of the following solutions:

  • Sybase IQ
  • Oracle BI
  • DB2
  • Monet DB

Depending on the estimated volume of data, COIG S.A., offers custom made solutions for each specific Customer.

ETL (Extract Transform Load) processes

COIG's S.A. specialists create replication processes, integrating data between heterogenic sources. Data exchange takes place on-line or in batch mode – depending on the needs of a project.

ETL processes are responsible for coherence, update and reliability of data in the target data base.

ETL processes are an essential element of Business Intelligence platform, as they feed the warehouse with data from different sources.

Presentation layer

Our experts, together with the Customer’s analysts create the layer of data presentation, so that the information beneficiary receives a solution designed on basis individual needs and expectations.

Creating a layer of metadata, data base objects and their relations are mapped into business definitions – dimensions and measures that deliver the requested information to end users.

We are experienced in implementing reporting platforms of the following suppliers:

  • SAP Business Objects
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho

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